12 – 6: Hadô Kokyû-Hô | Breathing Method to Raise Vibration

This video was posted on March 26th. The Moon is waxing (growing), so it’s a good time to work towards growing relaxation and peace in our lives.

Card 6 of the Healing with Ki Oracle Deck tells us that we need to chill out and re-teach our bodies how to relax. The vibe to connect with is “Zen”.

Hadô Kokyû-Hô is performed by breathing out and making the ‘Ha’ sound at the same time, which creates precise and sacred vibrations.
Before we humans had even imagined words, we used breath to express ourselves. In this exercise, we work with the breath sound ‘Ha’ because it synchronizes with the vibe of Universal Ki. The vibration of the ‘Ha’ sound can also calm the vagus nerve, so make sure you’re really feeling the ‘Ha’ deep in your chest (heart chakra) and the back of your throat (throat chakra) when you practice this exercise.

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