22 – 11 – Makoto nô Kokyû | The True Way to Breathe

Card 11: Makoto nô Kokyû Part 1 of 2: The True Way to Breathe
Fill your environment with life force energy. Practice moving meditations. THE VIBE: On / Om

This video was posted on June 4, 2023 while the moon is waning (shrinking).

We can learn to shift the vibes around us by bringing more, fresh Ki into our environments. This exercise helps you begin to understand controlling Ki in your environment. Once mastered, you can shift the Ki in any room, simply with your breath.
*** Note here that the mantra is ON, rather than OM. This is a cultural difference between Japan and India; however, the purpose of the “jumon” (aka mantra or spell word) is the same. It embodies the essence of the ultimate reality.

HONOUR & RECOGNITION DUE TO: Ms. Suzuki; Chris Marsh; Andy Bowling (See this blog post for details:)

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