34 – 24 – Kaze / Air Ki

This video was posted on August 20th.

Card 24 – Ki of kaze is unbalanced: time to reconnect with air and your mind.
THE VIBE: Intellectual
THE WORK: Balance your air ki
If you have pulled this card, it is asking you to connect with the Ki of Kaze. Air Ki is intellectual, curious, and independent. It loves to have fun, to communicate, and to explore. Use the Ki of Kaze to soothe the mind and heal the soul with its clean, fresh, and renewing vibes.

It serves unbalanced Air people well to research different personality types and the communication techniques that work best for each type. Communication is an important aspect of Air Ki. Remember to use your newfound knowledge in your daily interactions.

Connect with the many exercises on my website:

Take time to connect with the 5 Reiki Principles to find balance and improve your communication skills.
Refer to cards 1 – 5:
Card 1:
Card 2:
Card 3:
Card 4:
Card 5:

HONOUR & RECOGNITION DUE TO: “The Everything Reiki Book” by Phylameana lila Désy; Wicca 101 with Goldie Lundbek (Phoenix Rising Metaphysical Emporium) & Kirsty Hermiston, 2007; Debrasilvermanastrology.com

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