36 – 26 – Mizu | Water Ki

Card 26 – Mizu – Ki of mizu is unbalanced: time to reconnect with water and your emotions.
THE VIBE: Peaceful
THE WORK: Balance your water ki

If you’ve pulled this card, you’ll find it helpful to use the Ki of Water to help you ‘ground,’ centre, and connect with your emotions in the here and now. The water element vibe is compassionate, peaceful, spiritual, and empathic. Water Ki is used to heal emotions and soothe the heart.

Water Ki asks us to become strong in our own vulnerability. Remember that vulnerability is the root of empathy, love, innovation, creativity, and connection. Connection to our peers, to our loved ones, and to Universal Truth and Love.

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HONOUR & RECOGNITION DUE TO: “The Everything Reiki Book” by Phylameana lila Désy; Wicca 101 with Goldie Lundbek (Phoenix Rising Metaphysical Emporium | www.prme.ca) & Kirsty Hermiston, 2007; Debrasilvermanastrology.com

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