5. Jôshin Kokyûhô Pt 2: Clear Channel

Making way for the Reiki energy to flow smoothly through us. We are now using Reiki to work with us to become the best channels of the energy that we can be.

This exercise is cleansing, and in severe cases may cause a cleansing crisis (flu-like symptoms as the body flushes blocks). This is actually a sign to KEEP GOING 🙂 Practice the exercise 3 times a day, be gentle with yourself, drink lots of pure water, and eat lightly until you feel better.

The exercise also helps us learn to control the flow of Reiki energy in our bodies. It is not really a passive exercise, you are intentionally flowing Reiki out specific chakra points with the intention of ”cleaning the pipes”. Don’t forget to utilize your exhalation to intentionally release what no longer serves you, and what hinders Reiki flow.

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