Body Mind Spirit Energy Balancing

Why Energy Balancing For Body Mind Spirit Is Important:
So this is a technique, for body mind spirit energy balancing, which is based on a method from the Tibetan Medicine.

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It is a certified online course. Balance is important in every aspect of reality. This includes the very existence of life on Earth.

If there was no balance, life in the universe would not exist at all. Forces of gravity, combined with many other universal forces, come together for a perfect porridge in what science calls the Goldilocks zone. It enables life as we know it in the universe.

And It’s the same with energy balance for body mind spirit
There must be balance in order for you to thrive.

Therefore, if the left and right body sides, including the left and right brain hemispheres are in balance, there are many benefits for your life.

Achieving this balance is possible through meditation practices, or listening to binaural beats. But Daniela has an even better way of creating balance through her certified online course.

The left side of the body is associated with the feminine side
It is the receiving side, the energy that comes into your being. It is what you’re feeling inside, but might not have expressed.

The left body side activates the right side of the brain.

The left side is associated with creativity, inner strength, visualization, intuition, sensitivity and relaxation.

If the left side is not in balance, this will affect the right brain side, and your body mind spirit balance.

This means you might not have any inner strength, and you might feel depressed.

Physically, you can feel cold, or have digestive problems, or sinus problems. You might have low mental energy. And your creativity might be lacking as well as your intuition.

You might have problems to relax and chill out.

The right side of the body is associated with the masculine side
Basically it’s the energy and quality you put out into the world, and it’s most likely seen or felt by others around you.

The right body side activates the left side of the brain.

The right side is associated with logic, aggression control, and physical strength.

If the right body side has a disruption in the energy flow, you might suffer from aggression.

And the ego might be strong too in this case.

Physically, you could have dry or itchy skin, maybe a dry throat, sinus problems, and you can suffer from sweating or high body heat.

Also, uncontrolled appetite is a sign of this disruption.

So it is important for you to balance the left and right side, because they both affect each other, and they both harmonize and regulate your every day reality.

And when both sides are balanced you will be more successful in your life.

So are you an Energy Healer for Body Mind Spirit?
Are you looking for a new tool that you can use for your healing sessions?

Are you interested in helping people to balance mind body spirit?

Then the unique technique you will learn here in this course is something for you!

The technique Daniela wants to share is based on a method from the Tibetan Medicine.

There are some great benefits!
It can help you with many problems – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – because this method will balance the left and right sides of your body, and brain hemispheres, which is very important to activate the self healing process.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Reiki practitioner, Shaman, Healer, or a Medium
The main goal of any healing form is to bring balance to your energy, and the energy of others.

How does it work?
With your focus, intention, and imagination you create an orb of energy in the solar plexus of the client.

So out of this orb you pull an energy stream through the client’s energy channels of the body, until the client feels harmonized and balanced.
If you are a Healer for Body Mind Spirit, then you need to know this technique! Keep learning and growing. Click Now:

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