Where do I Get Credit Score Commentary and Information?

If you've taken the plunge and requested a copy of your credit report, you should receive it in the mail within a few working days (up to 20 if you used the free option). When it eventually arrives, however, you might not actually know what the information included in the report is trying to convey to you.

Many people are confused by their credit report, and for that reason they often look to get credit score commentary, advice, or information to help them decipher the information included. If you are in this situation, look no further. Following is a brief overview of the information you will find in your credit report, and how this information could help you to make better credit related decisions in the future.

Personal Information

When you get credit score reports for the first time, you might be shocked to see the amount of personal information that they include. Ultimately, you need not be alarmed. This information has been sent from a reliable source - and as long as no one steals the report from your letterbox, the details are completely secure.

The personal information section includes the obvious details, such as:

  • Full name
  • Address - current and previous
  • Social Security number
  • Current and previous employers

More details are included if you have different names, etc. You should always check to make sure the details in this section are correct - so that potential creditors are able to find your report in the system when they perform a credit check.

Credit History Section

Usually the second section you see when you get credit score reports is that of the credit history area. This section includes all of the vital details about your history as a creditor. It will paint a picture of how reliable you are as a creditor, and will provide potential creditors with the ability to make decisions about your future abilities to make payments. Therefore, this section is arguably the most important of the entire credit report.

Inquiries to your Credit File

Another important section you will see when you get credit score data is the inquiries section. This is where credit checks are detailed - so that you can get an overview of which companies have requested to see your credit information.

Check this section carefully - and if there are any issues (i.e. any checks which you did not authorize) - be sure to get in touch with the credit reporting agency and let them know. It might be that the entry is an error - or it might be that you need a fraud alert set up on your file.