Essential Crown Chakra Healing Tips

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The crown chakra is the most mystical of all of the chakras and is represented by the color purple with a symbol that represent a flower with a thousand petals. In this video we’ll give you some effective crow chakra healing tips for making sure that your crown chakra is nice and healthy.

The Crown chakra which is also known as the violet chakra, the purple chakra, the white chakra or the head or seventh chakra and a healthy crown chakra allows a person to be a stellar humanitarian with the ability to see how we are all interconnected.

A healthy 7th chakra will also connect you with your spiritual side and connects you to a divine energy source which is also known as God. It also allows you to give in a selfless manner.

The tips and techniques for opening your crown chakras in this video will help you to ensure that your crown chakra is performing at its peak!

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