How I’m Sending Reiki To A Situation In The Future, And Why? Like Sending Reiki For Distance Healing

I’m sending reiki, to a situation in the future, similar to how I send reiki for distance healing
Sending reiki to a situation in the future is similar to how you send reiki for distance healing. Only in this 7 step process I won’t be using any reiki level 2 symbols.

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This is my way to send reiki to a future situation to create harmony for an important meeting, and using only reiki level one energy.

Never underestimate the power of simple reiki energy, combined with visualization.

As a reiki practitioner, it is easy to cleanse a room of unwanted energy. This is good to do before a reiki treatment. This is done partly through visualization. You can learn more about this in Daniela and Lina’s reiki 1 course. Distance reiki attainments and healing is also possible when you learn reiki level 2. But sending reiki to a situation in the future is still possible as a basic reiki practitioner.

I do something similar to bring harmonizing energy into a future space for important meetings.

In this case, it’s important to think the right way. Always have positive thoughts before, during, and after this session.

Don’t think about conflicts you might be having, or bad news, or letting anxiety’s into your future projections.

Simply think, “the Reiki energy is flowing for love, harmony, and to cleanse everything in this space.”

My experience when I send reiki for distance healing, and into the future
When I send reiki for distance healing, I use the reiki level 2 symbols, but I still find that just using visualization is effective too.

The last time I sent reiki energy into the future, I also focused the healing energy on my foot. I had a meeting set up at work with my group, and at the time my foot was hurting me.

I did not want to draw attention to myself, and distract everyone from the purpose of the meeting.

So when I sent reiki into the future to harmonize the meeting, I also sent energy to my painful foot.

The result was perceptible.

By the time the meeting happened, everyone was in great spirits, and the pain had eased considerably in my foot. I could walk normally on it again, and none of my colleagues noticed me limping, which was my intention.

We managed to accomplish a lot during this meeting.

So this is my seven step process of how I’m sending reiki to a situation in the future to create harmony, and using reiki level one energy
1. first I ground myself and activate the reiki channel.

2. I create a reiki beam by visualizing it.

3. I visualize the future meeting, the room, and everyone involved, it helps if you already know the location, and the people you are meeting with, but this is not necessary. Just use your imagination.

4. I send the reiki energy beam into the future situation, while still visualizing the future situation.

5. I see the entire space filling up with the reiki beam energy, a bright white reiki energy. It fills the entire room, and harmonizes it, including the auras of everyone involved in the meeting.

6. I let the energy flow, until I feel like everyone is harmony within that space.

7. I finish the session by thanking the universal energy.

Now I can do this process more than once if I feel like I am being anxious, or there’s anxious and nervous energy toward the future of this important meeting.

I will do this reiki session, perhaps even several times, and for sure, a few hours before the meeting takes place if possible.

Of course learning reiki level 2 for the second degree will help you exponentially to send reiki into future situations. It will help you to create harmony, by becoming attuned to the long distance symbol.

So with reiki level 2, sending reiki to a situation in the future is easy for sending reiki for distance healing
So if you don’t have reiki level 2 get it now!

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