How To Heal The Third Eye Chakra

Learn Reiki Healing (The Simple Way)…

There are a lot of benefits to having a clean and healthy third eye chakra and in this video we’ll be showing you not only how to open your third chakra but we’ll also give you some super simple but extremely effective third eye chakra healing tips.
By opening your third eye chakra you will be able to think more clearly and will be in a much better position to come up with a true vision for your future and to properly realize it. People with a clear and healthy 6th chakra are not only more spiritually aware than those that are around them but they can better determine a person’s intent and separate the genuine people from those with less than savoury intentions.
Some of the best ways to heal an out of balance 3rd eye chakra include letting go of the need to be ‘correct’ and the ‘best’ at everything you do, learning to properly process your emotions so that you can accept from them and forgive those that have wronged you, listening to your gut instead of constantly second guessing it and eating foods that are high in omega 3 such as animal fats, seeds, vegetables and fish.

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