Intuition VS Logic, How Do I Know When My Logic Is Incorrect?

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Intuition is important for what I do.

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I’ve been a shooter for the news for almost 30 years. When, I arrive at a scene, like a house fire, there is a lot happening, chaos, tears, shouts, and tragedy.
When, I arrive the first thing to do is get shots of the flames. And yet almost immediately I connect to the surrounding chaos.
I cut through it like a thick fog, and a stark clarity takes over my senses.
There is a rush of adrenaline, which seems to heighten my senses, specifically my intuition. And then I go forward and follow my instincts.
Talking to the right people in this kind of chaos, is something that will change the dynamic of the narrative immediately, and this opportunity is fleeting.
Everything is happening in real time, in the moment, so to speak.
I need to follow my intuition, but what is it?
I have developed an intuition that always takes me to the right people I need to talk to.
Shooting news or shooting dramatic narrative film are exact opposites. I’ve done both
With movies, you spend all day creating the perfect moment, which becomes your scene, through light and camera and actor placements.
With the news, you arrive at a real life scene, and you have to be in the moment, as the story unfolds in real time.
Often the entire story, all the elements you need for a news story, will happen in five to ten minutes, and then the opportunity is gone.
A good shooter will intuitively capture the whole thing as it is happening.
To be able to get every angle, every element, every part of the story that happens in such a short time frame, you need to have the eye.
And that eye for many shooters is actually a highly trained intuition, which comes from years of experience.
Some are born with it.
For me it is a combination of experience, and my spiritual understanding, and appreciation of living in the moment.
If I relied purely on logic I would arrive at a scene, shoot the flames, and wait for a press release, or a fire chief clip after it was all over.
I would walk up to the first person I see, and get some generic, reactionary clip. Yet all of this can be done later.
On the other hand, when, I trust my intuition, as I’m shooting the flames, I might see a couple of people standing on a lawn, watching, and something tells me, a feeling, that they are the tragic home-owners.
I approach them. I have a feeling they’ll talk.
Indeed, they talk, and tell me, with tears in their eyes, that their cat has died in the flames.
It’s terrible and sad, and I feel for them, but now I have a story.
How Do I Know When My Logic Is Incorrect? My Intuition Tells Me.
Intuition is hard to describe. In Zen Buddhism intuition is deemed a mental state between the Universal mind and one’s individual discriminating mind.
For me it’s a feeling.
And sometimes intuition comes to me through imagery, like mental pictures, none of which I can explain.
But how do I know when my logic is incorrect? My intuition tells me.
All I need to do is follow that first thing that I feel, or see in my minds eye.
If I do this, 9 out of 10 times my intuition will be correct.
In truth, when I’m on the street shooting news, I rarely use logic anymore.
Like a detective, using my intuition is important for what I do. And it proves that it can be used for more than just spiritual work.
Although having a well-developed intuition will set you apart from other energy workers, mediums, psychics, and tarot card readers, everyone can train their intuition; and it can be used in every kind of profession, or daily activity.
Logic works for things like recognizing associations.
Intuition and logic both have their functions.
For spiritual development, logic is great for learning.
Intuition is best when practically using what you have learned, and applying it to things like Reiki sessions, tarot readings, soul huntings, every spiritual work you can think of.
I realize now that the same kind of intuition, or gut instinct, I follow during working hours can be applied to anything in my life.
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I think this is exciting, and an adventure.

Who knows what doors it will open in my life from this point on, and what mysteries I’ll find behind them?

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