Protecting your Credit and Preventing Identity Theft

Numerous sources scattered all across the web claim to offer a person free access to their credit report online. A large number of these however are bogus companies whose only agenda is to obtain access to personal information about you. It is essential to use extreme caution when dealing with people or companies such as this, especially when these people are requesting that you reveal personal information about yourself.

There are many issues which can and often do arise when you allow someone to your personal and private information. One of the most major of these issues is identity theft. Remembering a few simple guidelines can help you to protect yourself when you are faced with anyone who asks for your personal information.

In some cases it may be necessary to provide access to personal information in order to gain access to various types of services or documents. It is very important however that when you do this you know who you are dealing with. If there is any doubt in your mind that the person or company you are dealing with is legitimate tell them nothing until you have the chance to verify that they are who they say they are. Also be sure that the company is a valid operation.
Internet shopping has become increasingly popular due to the convenience of being able to do it from the privacy of your home. The problem is this convenience comes with many dangers as well. Some of the dangers of using internet sources for shopping include the following:

  • Insecure websites (others may be able to see your information)
  • Fraudulent companies
  • Increased chance of identity theft

Almost all internet shopping sources require that you use a credit card for the purchases you make. When this is done through insecure websites anyone can gain access to this information. This is one of the many reasons why it is so dangerous to reveal your credit card information over the internet. When someone else obtains these numbers they can cause all sorts of problems such as unauthorized charges. These charges can cause a seriously negative impact on the status of your credit rating.

It is a requirement of the law that each person be given access to one free copy of their credit report each year from each of the three agencies responsible for reporting credit scores. It is highly recommended and very important that you take advantage of this opportunity and obtain these reports each year. Once you obtain these reports thoroughly check all the information to be sure it is correct and without errors.