Rest Relaxation And Reiki, For A Good Nights Rest, How?

I’m Going To Show You How Rest Relaxation And Reiki, Will Lead To A Good Nights Rest

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When I go to sleep at night, my wife tells me that I often have these muscle spasms. I twitch and shudder in my sleep, and it’s annoying her. And it sometimes even wakes her up from her sleep. I need rest relaxation and reiki.

She told me today that I should do a reiki treatment once a day for about half an hour in order to calm my nerves. Because the nervousness is just a lot of pent-up stress that I am not properly releasing throughout the day. Rest relaxation and reiki would help.

Getting rest and being able to relax is made easier through reiki. Reiki has a deep clamming effect, which is perfect for rest and relaxation.

So I listened to her, and did what she said, because it made sense to me.

Today I did a reiki treatment in the middle of the day
So I sat in the living room, even though it was loud and hectic as my family was getting ready for the day. I connected to the reiki channel there. And I used the power symbol to intensify the reiki treatment with the intention of calming my nerves.

Reiki offers deep relaxation to the point of sometimes putting me to sleep. In this case, I focussed the energy on my nervous system, and using the power symbol really helped to intensify the effect, and to calm my nerves, and it worked.

I felt the energy flowing throughout my entire body, and I was deeply relaxed, and most of the energy went into the lower half of my body through deep rest relaxation and reiki.

When I’m twitching in bed, it comes mostly from the lower half of my body.

It is my legs and my feet that make the sudden movements, and I think that’s where most of my pent-up energy becomes trapped through stress.

Doing this kind of mid-day rest relaxation and reiki treatment really helped. In fact, now I do it once in the middle of the day, and right before I go to sleep. And there are results, which I’ll tell you about soon.

This is how I do the rest relaxation and reiki treatment
So first I ground myself, and sit in the living room, in a comfortable seat, and activate the reiki channel with gratitude, asking for blessings, and calm for my nerves.

Once the energy is flowing I draw the power symbol, and say the mantra, and pull the power symbol over my entire aura.

Following my intuition, I draw the power symbol again, and repeating the last step once more, I pull a second power symbol into my aura . I don’t know why I’m doing it twice, but my intuition tells me to do it this way, so I follow. It just works for me.

Then I place one hand on my root chakra, and one on my crown chakra, and I imagine a Reiki Beam of energy flowing through my entire aura, throughout my chakras, and bringing peace to my entire nervous system.

I mentally focus on my nervous system during the treatment, to make sure that the energy is calming all of my nerves at the same time.

So I let the energy flow for half an hour

Then I draw the power symbol again, two times, like I did at the beginning. I draw them and pull the symbols into my aura to lock in the energy.

Then I end the session by thanking the reiki energy for blessings, and doing the work to calm my nerves.

Now I repeat the exact same rest relaxation and reiki treatment above in bed, before I fall asleep.

The results
In the morning I felt completely rejuvenated. I slept 8 hours, which is rare for me. When my wife woke up, I asked her if she noticed me twitching in the night. She had slept well, and didn’t notice anything.

I told her that I took her suggestion, and did a rest relaxation and reiki session for calming my nerves, to see if anything changes in the way I sleep at night.

She couldn’t confirm if I had any spasms, but we both had a good nights sleep, which is the first step toward healing.

Now I may still be twitching at night, but over time I’m certain the reiki effect will get rid of my pent-up stress completely.

Rest relaxation and reiki is great for your over all well being. Learning to do reiki is not that hard, but it sure can add huge benefits to your life in so many different ways. It’s a matter of being creative and applying it to every day practical means. You can learn how to do this by taking Lina and Daniela’s reiki courses. Click Here:

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