Soul Retrieval, Is An Advanced Shamanic Journey, So When Can You Do Soul Loss Healing?

Soul Retrieval, is a shamanic journey method to bring back parts of the soul that has gone missing. This is sometimes called soul loss healing
It is important to note that you can not do soul loss healing, until you have first learned basic shamanic journeying.

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In a Soul Retrieval the shamanic journeyer goes hunting for lost soul fragments during the journey.

These soul fragments, according to beliefs found in cultures worldwide, go missing after a “Soul Loss”.

Then sickness and suffering happens because of these important lost fragments of our soul.

It is believed that a Soul Loss often happens because of a shock or trauma, which we experienced in the past, especially in childhood.

Simply put, the soul fragment flees your body after something traumatic happens. Your soul reacts this way in-order to survive.

Frightened, the part of your soul that has gone missing wants to stay hidden.
Because it doesn’t want to experience a trauma like that again.

Most people don’t know that a part of their soul is missing. They just feel ill, or they feel empty, as if something is missing, or they don’t feel like themselves.

In these cases you might want to look for the missing pieces of the soul to help them or yourself.

Soul Retrieval has been practiced for thousands of years by Shamans around the world, yet for many people it is still not very well-known.

Let’s change this!
Shamanic Journey
A shamanic journey can make you feel more in balance, and will help you to get your energy back. People who do one usually feel drawn to Shamanism.

They want to know what their Power Animal is, and how to work with it.

Some people think they know their Power Animal already, but they are not sure if it is really their Power Animal, or how they can integrate it into their life.

A shamanic journey is a way to open the third eye, and to develop intuition.

It shows you how to connect to Spirit Guides, which is needed for a Soul Retrieval.

The point is that your power animal represents missing, unconscious energies, you need to find and bring back, in order to feel energized and whole again. A Soul Retrieval is much the same. But it goes deeper, to fill the emptiness you may be experiencing in your life.

So if you are ready to learn more about shamanic journeying, and you want to help your friends and clients to bring healing to their souls, then learn Soul Retrieval.

If you are ready for advanced journeying, then simply enroll in Daniela’s advanced course: How to do a Shamanic Journey for your Friends and clients.

If you want to learn Soul Retrieval it is very important that you have already enrolled in Daniela’s beginner course “How to do a Shamanic Journey to find and bring back your Power Animal”.

Because you should already be familiar with journeying. And you need to have found your own power animal, before you do a journey for someone else.

The reason for this is that your power animal will normally go with you on your shamanic journey to guide you, regardless of whether you are doing a soul loss healing journey for yourself or for someone else. Learn Soul Retrieval now, Click Here:

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