1 – Into to Healing With Ki Series

Welcome to the Healing With Ki Video Series!
Many of these videos will be connected to my ”Healing With Ki: Cards to Inspire and Empower You” Companion Book (the QR Codes). This series is a walk through the year with the cards, 1 card a week, for 54 weeks. The series, if watched in chronological order, will take you through a healing every week through the Wheel of the Year, culminating with card 54 – Makoto no Jibun – Your Higher Self.

Join me in this journey of self discovery and empowerment as we find new ways to connect with several different vibrations of Universal Ki, and bring our own energetic systems into alignment with the Universal Vibe.

PRE ORDER THE SET – The first 100 books will be sold at a deeply discounted rate 😉


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