11. Suwatte Kokyu-Ho Pt 3: Gappei Kokyu-Ho or Merging Breath Method

Suwatte Kokyu-Ho Pt 3 should not be attempted until you have mastered:
1. Kenyoku
2. Hado Kokyu-Ho
3. Chikyu no Kokyu
4. Joshin Kokyu-Ho & The Clear Channel
5. Makoto no Kokyu Part 1
6. Makoto no Kokyu Part 2: Kin Kokyu-Ho
7. The Reiki Moving Meditation
8. Suwatte Kokyu-Ho Pt 1: Tengoku no Kokyu
9. Suwatte Kokyu-Ho Pt 2: Chikyu Kokyu-Ho

This practice unifies the Earthly Energies and the Heavenly Energies. Practice this exercise until the two energies feel equally balanced within your own body.

At first the energies will feel unbalanced and you may feel vulnerable or anxious. That’s OK. Work through the imbalance until the two feel equal.

When you are doing this exercise correctly, you will feel a sense of INvulnerability.

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