17 – 50: Beltaine | Beginning of Summer

This video was posted on the evening of April 29th, 2023: The moon is waxing (growing) and it’s a great time to work on growing your dreams (especially love and fertility related goals) and with the Fairy Folk.

Card 50: Beginning of summer: time to get moving.
THE VIBE: Expectant & Excited
Now is the time to listen to the world communicating all around you. To feel the love that drives life on the planet. To notice and remember the magick all around you! Open your mind and heart to passion and creativity. Beltaine represents a time to bless our work, to breathe creativity and life force into our projects, and to fan the flames of passion in all that we do.

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HONOUR & RECOGNITION DUE TO: “Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions” by Starhawk (https://starhawk.org/), Diane Baker (https://thebrushguard.com/index.html), Anne Hill (http://serpentinemusic.com/circleround/); So many teachers throughout the years.

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