6 – 1: Just for this moment, can you let go of anger?

This video was posted on Feb 12, 2023 – The moon is waning (shrinking) today. The night of the next dark moon is Feb 19, 2023.

After you watch this video, you’ll want to plan ahead for the next dark moon so that you can perform this ritual to let go of deep-seated anger in your life. When you perform the ritual, you’ll ritually cleanse yourself, create a sacred circle, and light a red candle to represent your anger. You’ll also want to journal during the ritual.

The first Reiki principle reminds us of the relationship-affirming benefits of living in peace and contentment. If we are consumed by our rage, jealousy, or defensiveness, we energetically cut ourselves off from the people around us, preventing experiences of peace, contentment, or connection.

Pg. 61-64 “Reiki Way of the Heart” by Walter Lübeck

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