19 – 14 – Seishin Tōitsu | To Create a Unified Mind

Recognize yourself as a healer (Unification of the Mind) | THE VIBE: Self-Acknowledgment

This video continues with the same vibe as the last 2 weeks, recognizing ourselves as part of the larger whole, and now stepping into our roles in this existence.

So many of us spend too much time denying our natural gifts! And yet you have chosen to work with ki, to make it a part of your life, and to merge with it at a deeper level than most others choose. The fact that you came across this series and chose to learn from it shows that you are open to doing the deep work that will bring you into synchronicity with the Universal frequency. This is what makes you special. And this is what can transform you into a Healer.

Acknowledge that dedication within yourself!

HONOUR & RECOGNITION DUE TO: “Reiki for Dummies” by Nina L. Paul (https://www.dummies.com/article/body-mind-spirit/emotional-health-psychology/emotional-health/reiki/reiki-for-dummies-cheat-sheet-209093/)

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