20 – 15 – Ugoku Meisō | (The Reiki) Moving Meditation

This video was posted on May 21, 2023, while the moon is waxing (growing).
The following exercise is a variation of breathing methods found throughout martial arts such as Tai Chi, Aikido, and Qi Gong. This exercise will help you begin to learn to control the flow of Ki in your own body so that you can direct it into the earth to ground your manifestations.

The purpose of the moving meditation is to become more familiar with influencing and moving the environmental Ki around you. It is designed to ground your energy, and the energy of any intentions with which you are working.

HONOUR & RECOGNITION DUE TO: Threshold Reiki | Richard Rivard (https://www.threshold.ca/reiki/home.html) ; International Center for Reiki | William Lee Rand (https://www.reiki.org/)

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