27 – 20 – Meisô: Dai Ichi Bu

Card 20: Time to get serious about your manifestation work.
THE VIBE: Charged up
THE WORK: Meisô | Western Symbol Meditation

Today’s video is part of a 4-part mini-series within the larger Healing with Ki series. The videos deal specifically with traditional Usui Reiki Symbols. If you are an astute learner, you can apply these lessons to any symbol and use them in a modified version of these meditations. You can also (and many Reiki Masters would chastise me for saying this) look up the symbols online that are mentioned in the videos and try to connect with them without the aide of a Sacred Reiki Attunement or Reiju Ritual. I encourage you to do this because you will be amazed at what comes through. And if you choose to go on to become attuned to the symbols by a Master, you will find a deeper, more profound connection results.

Card 19 – Meiso – Message: Time to merge your lessons into a practice
(Symbol connection meditation Part A & B in preparation for cards 20 – 22)

Card 21 – Meiso – Dai Ni Bu – Message: Get Manifesting
(Learn to manipulate Ki externally on multiple planes through a manifestation and affirmation ritual)

Card 22 – Meiso – Dai San Bu – Message: You are a Power Magnet
(Learn to retain the power you are now capable of brandishing)

Master Hiroshi Doi of Iyashino Gendai Reiki Ho (https://www.gendaireikinetwork.net/about-gendai-reiki) and
William Lee Rand’s ART Manual (https://www.reiki.org/store/books/artmaster-manual) and
Richard Rivard’s Threshold Reiki Level 3 Manual (https://www.threshold.ca/reiki/home.html)

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