Reiki Chakras: How To Balance Root Chakra, And Why? 7 Steps

Reiki Chakras: Why I Balance Root Chakra?

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Reiki chakras and balancing them fit perfectly together. The chakras bring in energy into your aura, which includes, on a basic level, four bodies: the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. I need to create balance in my aura, and I will balance root chakra to start off.
It’s important that your chakras are working properly in order to keep your aura in balance. This means making sure that your chakras are balanced, and not blocked, and are clear on both sides.
Chakras are important because they make sure that your physical body is vital, and that your personal and spiritual consciousness is also healthy and able to develop.
I’ll leave the details and importance of aura and chakra, and how they are interconnected, for Daniela and Lina to explain in their course.
Reiki Chakras
The point, is that you want to use reiki to make sure that the energy flows unobstructed through the chakras, for your highest possible good, health, and spiritual development.
I will show you how I cleanse and activate my root chakra
I’m doing this so I can relieve physical blockages to help stop swelling in my left leg, and at the same time give me a new grounded, and positive lust for life. This is especially important when I need to go to work during the outbreak.
I work in an essential service. It gets harder and harder, every day to want to go out there.
The root chakra stands for manifestation, saying yes to life, passion, survival, and physical activity. So I need to balance root chakra.
There are Seven Main Chakras
The two I will be focusing on here is the root chakra and the third eye chakra.
The third eye is all about intuition, imagination, images, and ideas, but since it’s a top chakra, it has a spiritual connection too.
The root charka is a bottom chakra, and it is for grounding. I’ll need to balance both, because to be completely grounded I need to stop overthinking things, as is my nature.
So the root chakra is found at the base of the spinal column. It opens up towards the earth, and helps you to stand on both legs in life. It has a lot of influences in your life.
Physically, and this is important right now for me, it is related to bone joints, muscles, the heart, and the blood and nervous system. I’m not only wanting to balance root chakra for grounding, but also to help the blockages in my left leg.
Reiki Chakras: this is how I balance root chakra
1. I sit down and relax
2. I ground myself
3. I activate the reiki channel
4. I begin by giving reiki to my root chakra, but I test it first by feeling for any blockages. If I feel any resistance I clean out the blockages right away
5. Then I channel reiki to it, for as long as I feel is needed
6. After that I do a lower body basic reiki treatment, starting at the groin, going to the thighs, knees, shins, and foot soles
7. Then I balance the chakras. I hold one hand at the third eye chakra, and one at the root chakra, to create balance and mental calm in me, and allow the grounding to become complete. I often overthink things, and I need to balance this, through the third eye / root chakra connection.
This is how the session went:
Right away I felt an immediate difference between my left leg, and my right leg
My left leg swells sometimes, as it has a varicose vein blockage. My left hand was channeling so much reiki that it felt like it was burning, and the left leg was like having electricity running through it.
So I quickly finished the lower body treatment as fast as I could.
Because I felt like my right leg didn’t need any attention at all. So then I used both hands, and focused solely on the left leg, repeating the lower body treatment once more.
This time it was intense.
The lower I got, and closer to the varicose vain blockage, the more the reiki energy was drawn, the more it felt like an electric charge was passing through me left leg. Both hands were tingling like crazy at this point.
Afterward, my leg felt great, and I felt like I could take on the world. My head was clam and clear, and I had a new zest for life, and I was completely relaxed.
I will be doing more balance root chakra sessions like this, and lower body treatments, as it is doing wonders for my leg.
Reiki and chakras, and balancing your root chakra, is important to known if you want to be grounded, and need to take on life with new passion and energy. It helps you to over come the fear of trying and failing in life. Learn more about Reiki chakras: balance root chakra: CLICK HERE:

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