How To: Reiki Self Healing Through Self Reiki Beaming, What is it?

Reiki self healing through self reiki beaming: what?

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You might know a little about Reiki self-healing, but do you know what Reiki beaming is?

As a reiki master and practitioner there are some techniques that you can use that are really effective, and will help you either to better serve your clients, or for your own self healing.

We will concentrate on the self healing aspect. But normally you can do reiki beaming for your clients by standing a few feet away from them. They will sit, relaxing or lying down.

Reiki beaming is a way of channeling reiki to each of the four bodies, all at once
The four bodies include the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

But you can do this as a reiki self healing technique for yourself
I will show you how.

For a reiki self healing, self reiki beaming session, you will concentrate on just the beaming and nothing else.

You will want to do this when you sense there is a major need for extra reiki throughout the four bodies.

The reason you want to do self reiki beaming is to cleanse, heal, and balance the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, which will release blockages and psychic debris that are stuck to them.

First you want to sit or lie in a relaxed position
Then above your head, or in front of you, draw all four reiki symbols in the air.

Now if you are a second level reiki practitioner, you will draw three symbols. And if you are a level one reiki practitioner, you won’t be drawing any of the symbols.

For reiki level one, you will just invite the reiki energy, opening the channel, and let the reiki energy flow.

Once the universal energy is turned on, make a mental image of the energy flowing down from above like a shower, over your entire body.

This is the beam of reiki energy that should encompass all of you, including all four bodies.

Let the beam of Reiki energy, you are channeling now, flow over you for at least 10 minutes
When you have the sense that it is enough, and you have been cleansed, and feel at peace and balanced, you can stop.

While beaming, visualize it flowing over your entire being, like a large beam of white light.

Example of this reiki self healing session
The last time I did this I felt the energy flowing through my entire being, and it tingled from my head to my toes.

But the place it tingled the most was below my root chakra, at my feet. I knew that I needed a lot of grounding at that time, and the reiki beaming session really helped me to get my feet back on the ground, so to speak.

There were definitely blockages below my root chakra, so I let the reiki self healing session go until I felt as if my aura, and all of my chakras were in balance.

I had an incredible feeling of deep relaxation, and inner peace at this point, as all four bodies were balanced.

Then I stopped the session by thanking the universe for the reiki energy
This is something you should try.

In fact, I did this in a busy home. There was a celebration. I wanted to see if it would work, and it did. Among the chaos I felt completely at peace!

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