The Healing Drum, Shamanic Drumming Meditation. Listen To The Healing Drums, and Relax

Listen to this consciousness altering shamanic drumming meditation. The Healing drums are the oldest form of healing on earth.

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So just by simply listening to he healing drums will have many positive effects on you. The reason for this is that the healing drums alter your brain waves, which is similar to binaural beats. The drumming rhythm can help you to relax. It distracts you from your thoughts. It relaxes your busy mind, and your whole body.

Drumming helps you to reach a higher consciousness, where healing can begin: and where all your questions can be answered. Even if you are not practising shamanic rituals the drumming rhythm will still have great benefits for you. Normally you need someone who will drum for you, so that you can go on a shamanic journey, but these days we are lucky and can use modern technology, like a MP3 player, or iPhone.

So the following shamanic drumming meditation will give you an idea about the kind of drumming music you will use for a shamanic journey.

This short, but powerful healing drum meditation can have a lasting healing effect on you. But this meditation does not replace a health care professional.

So now lie down, be comfortable, close your eyes, and listen to the drums.

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