9. Suwatte Kokyu-Ho Pt 1: Tengoku no Kokyu OR Sei He Ki Connection

Suwatte Kokyu-Ho Pt 1-3 should not be attempted until you have mastered:
1. Kenyoku
2. Hado Kokyu-Ho
3. Chikyu no Kokyu
4. Joshin Kokyu-Ho & The Clear Channel
5. Makoto no Kokyu Part 1
6. Makoto no Kokyu Part 2: Kin Kokyu-Ho
7. The Reiki Moving Meditation

The Suwatte Kokyu-Ho set of 3 exercises are meant to ’seat’ or ’set’ the Ki energy in the body.

Part 1 unifies the body and mind together with cosmic energy and brings insight. It is a recognition of our own spirituality and the dimension in which we live.

It should be repeated 10 times daily until you feel fully merged with the energies. Discuss with your Kyoushi before moving onto the next step.

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