5 – 44: Honour your fullness: Drink up the blessings, Exercise 2

This video was posted on Feb 5, 2023 – The Moon is full today at 10:28am Pacific.

The Full Moon (Mangetsu) is a time to honour all the abundance in your life, to be thankful for processes that are coming to completion, and to give praise to the Universe for all your many blessings. It’s the perfect 2nd video for this series because not only are we entering into this year and a day journey with a deep sense of gratitude and connection, but we are also stepping right into letting go of what won’t serve us in this process.
Try this exercise to connect with a feeling of gratitude, to let go of what no longer serves, and to connect to the essence of the Moon Goddess.
Drink Up the Blessings

It’s important to plan ahead for this ritual. You’ll need clean water for this magickal working. The ideal option is water from a local well or spring, but we’re not all lucky enough to have clean drinking water bubbling on by us. Thankfully, filtered water will do, and tap water that has been ‘left to breathe’ for at least eight hours will also work in a pinch. You’ll also need a clear chalice / wine glass / or even a glass bowl for this ritual.

We’ll utilize Hadô Kokyû-Hô (card 6 – video coming this spring) and Chikyū no Kokyû (card 7- video coming this spring) to ground ourselves and begin our meditation with Gasshō (card 27 – video coming this fall).

We’ll also ritually cleanse ourselves and our surroundings and then Create a Sacred Circle. This is all covered in the Healing With Ki Companion Book, and new videos are planned for this year.

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