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If you think Foundation Shamanic Studies is your calling then keep reading.

7 Signs That Tell You To Learn Shamanic Journeying
1. If you always see something about shamanism, then your Spirit Guides want to talk to you.

If you’re not focusing on finding information about shamanism, but you constantly see documentaries about Shamans in TV, or you find books about Shamanism, posts and images on the internet about your Power Animal and so on, your Spirit Guides might want to get your attention.
Don’t ignore this!

2. If the Spirits want you to work with them
Many scholars believe that in the traditional context of Shamanism, you are either born a shaman, or you are not.
If the spirits want you to work with them, there is nothing you can do.
And if the spirits don’t want you to work with them, there is likewise nothing you can do.

Of course in modern Western shamanism things have changed. Today anyone can learn Shamanic Practices, and the Spirit World will tell you, if shamanism is your way to go.

Did you know, that traditional shamans often think people in the West are out of their mind if they want to become shamans, because being a shaman can be very uncomfortable, and difficult in some cultures.

Traditional Shamans believe there is no choice. If the chosen shaman ignores their fate, they may even get ill.
Some of the traditional shamanic cultures think that being a shaman is like royalty, in that you must have it in your DNA.
Others say it’s just a calling, and any one can become a shaman, even without initiations.

From my experience I believe that everyone can learn foundation shamanic studies.

There are many different methods and beliefs.

Why is that?
Because shamanic practitioners might learn methods and techniques from their teachers, but the true teacher of a shaman are the spirits they are working with.
Without the spirits a shaman is nothing.

Although having a human teacher is also very important.
A human teacher will give you the guidelines, the rest you will learn through your experiences with the Spirits. That’s why each Shaman works differently.

3. If you feel like you have a calling
If you feel attracted to Foundation Shamanic Studies, and you can’t think about anything else, know that you have a calling.

You might have a strong feeling to help others, because you know there is more to reality, something hidden.

You are sensitive to your environment, because you understand that everyone and everything is connected.

You don’t understand why people cause so much trouble, so much harm, when you so easily see the solutions to our misery.

4. If you like being alone
If you love being around your family, friends or colleagues, but you also need your time alone with your own thoughts and feelings, then this could also be a sign that the spirits want your attention.

But not only the spirits in this case want your attention, people as well. They love to be around you, because they feel accepted the way they are.

5. If you have psychic abilities, and you trust your inner visions and feelings
If you can easily trust and follow your intuition, or you can ”read” people or ”see” energy, then this could be a sign, too. This is a very important point, because trusting your inner visions and intuition is the key of practicing shamanism, or any other spiritual energy work.

For example, when a shamanic practitioner closes their eyes, and listens to the drums, they have to be able to see in the dark. This means they have to trust their inner pictures, thoughts and feelings.

By the way, if you think you don’t have inner visions, then Shamanic Journeying can help you with that.

6. If you had the ‘shaman sickness’
Traditionally it is believed, that if you had a bad illness in your younger years, often called ‘shaman sickness,’ or had a near death experience; or perhaps even a spirit possession, and you suffered an involuntary trance, then this too may be a sign that you should go the Shaman way.

Yet this is an old way of thinking.
In the modern western society, which is not a shamanic culture, we think differently. We don’t believe we need to suffer to get close to the spirits.

7. If doing a shamanic journey seems easy to do
If you have already learned some Shamanic methods, and it comes naturally to you, and you trust your intuition, and the guidance from your Spirit Guides or Power Animal, then the shamanic way is the way to go.

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