10. Suwatte Kokyu-Ho Pt 2: Chikyu Kokyo-Ho or Earthly Breath Method

Suwatte Kokyu-Ho Pt 2-3 should not be attempted until you have mastered:
1. Kenyoku
2. Hado Kokyu-Ho
3. Chikyu no Kokyu
4. Joshin Kokyu-Ho & The Clear Channel
5. Makoto no Kokyu Part 1
6. Makoto no Kokyu Part 2: Kin Kokyu-Ho
7. The Reiki Moving Meditation
8. Suwatte Kokyu-Ho Pt 1: Tengoku no Kokyu

This practice unifies the body and mind together with grounding energy and brings you a deep connection to the Earthly Energies. You might also translate it as Tsuchi Kokyu-Ho (Earth in opposition to Heaven breathing method).

It should be repeated 10 times daily until you feel deeply connected with the energies. Discuss with your Kyoushi before moving onto the next step.

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