How Can Trance Healing Show You How To Connect To Your Spirit Guide? Learn About Trance Mediumship

Daniela’s Trance Healing, course will show you how to connect to your spirit guide, as she teaches you about trance mediumship

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Connecting to your Spirit Guides, and working with them is what this trance healing course is all about. You will learn how to connect to your spirit guide, and how to be a Medium for healing energy, coming from the spirit world, through trance mediumship.

So what is Trance Healing, anyway?
Trance Healing for me is like energy medicine, so to speak.

The healing energy comes directly from Spirit, which means this method of spiritual healing is very reliable and powerful.

Daniela’s course uses a series of excellent meditations to help you achieve a trance like state so you can use trance mediumship to connect to your spirit guides.

Because Trance Healing is a form of Mediumship, and Mediumship is the ability to connect to the spirit world. You connect not just with Spirit Guides, but also Helpers, Ascended Masters, and Angels.

A Medium is a go between. You, as a Medium, will be in the middle, between a person, or client, and the spirit world, with the intention of connecting the two together.

When you are doing a Trance Healing session, you are not so much delivering messages from one side to the other, in this case the Medium is basically a channel for the Healing energy. The healing energy comes from spirit guides, helpers, angels, and Ascended Masters. This powerful energy medicine is meant to bring balance to your client, and yourself.

How can Trance Healing help?
Similar to Reiki a Trance Healing session can help with physical imbalance, but this is not the main benefit. Yes, It will help when we are out of balance through stress, but it will also help with emotional problems.

If the physical problem is connected to emotional, mental or spiritual problems then Trance Healing is the way to go.

How does trance mediumship work?
Before the Trance Healing session begins, first the Medium goes into meditative trance like state. This is done to connect to the spirit world. This is when the trance mediumship connects to spirit Guides and helpers.

In this process the energy fields of the Medium, and their Spirit Friends will blend, and become as one. The healing energy is transferred from spirit through the aura of the medium, to the client. It is remarkable.

Now that you know How To Connect To Your Spirit Guide, who can benefit from doing this?
Anyone can benefit from Trance Healing. We all need some kind of spiritual healing in our lives at one point. Once you have learned this powerful method, and you practice it, by listening to the meditations, you can help your friends, or clients as well.

Daniela will guide you in this course, step by step, with her clam voice, through powerful meditations. You will become a Medium for healing energy.

She will teach you how to connect to your Spirit Guides, how to link with them, how to receive messages from the spirit world, and how to perform a Trance Healing session for yourself, and others.

You will also get a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the course.

Trance Healing through Daniela’s course will show you how to connect to your spirit guide? Her meditations will help you with your trance mediumship. Try it now, work with your Spirit Guides, to heal yourself, and others, on a spiritual level. CLICK HERE:

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