How to Charge a Crystal Grid

Learn to build and charge a crystal grid

Did you know that crystals are great conductors of Ki? This is the key concept behind crystal work. We can use our crystal friends as storage houses for the energy we build up during many of the exercises in this book. Once stored, you can program the crystals to slowly release these energies in a manner that best suits your needs.

Crystal grids will hold and transmit Ki for several days at a time, making daily work on long term goals and focused daily healing more achievable. You can also use your crystal grid for 24/7 protection spells.

When selecting the crystals for your grid, don’t just pick the easiest ones to find, or the closest at hand. Listen to your chosen crystals in meditation. Sit with the crystals and the intention you will be working on to ensure that the Ki of the crystal matches the intent of the work. Confirm with your Guides, your Higher Self, and the crystals themselves, that they are the right crystals for the work that needs to be done. Ask the crystals you will be working with for any messages regarding the work, and their assistance.

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