How To Combine Sigil Magick, And Reiki Symbols Level 2 For Maximum Effect

Combining sigil magick and reiki symbols level 2 will greatly enhance the energy tied into a sigil
The first thing I do to combine sigil magick and reiki symbols level 2 is carefully think about, in detail, what I want to manifest. Then I create a sigil with my desired outcome. In this case I want to be successful in everything I do.

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Now you could create a sigil for practically anything.

It could be for more money, or better relationships, or getting a new job, or whatever it may be.

But for this example I’m going to show you how I incorporate reiki symbols level 2 with sigil magick, in order to enhance the effect of the sigil, and give it the maximum amount of power and energy for the sigil to work.

Brief introduction to sigil magick
Sigil magick is and ancient way to manifest your desires. This is done through drawing a monogram symbol, which is charged with mental and spiritual energy, in order to manifest through magic.

On a psychological level, it unlocks your subconscious, allowing you to release blockages by opening up trapped energies, so to speak. It helps you to accomplish your goals with this new energy.

Brief introduction to reiki symbols level 2
Reiki symbols level 2 enhances reiki level one energy, by introducing three powerful symbols, which allows you to supercharge, so to speak, the reiki energy, with mantras and affirmations.

My 7 steps
So here we go.

1 Create the sigil, which will symbolize your desired manifestation, example: My pet store “Chasing Tails” earns $10,000.00 a week by the end of June. (Take Lina and Daniela’s Sigil Magic course to learn more about how to do sigil magic) Take your sigil, and prepare for the reiki session.

2 Ground yourself, and connect to the reiki energy by including the power symbol.

3 Now physically draw the power symbol on the sigil. After drawing the symbol, include the mantra (draw the reiki symbols around the sigil, but not over the sigil)

4 Now draw the mental and emotional symbol. Say the mantra, also include a special affirmation after drawing the mental and emotional symbol, example: affirmation: ”I know I am worthy to be successful in everything I do, and I am grateful, for this new unlocked energy, which helps me to manifest a positive outcome.”

5 Now draw the long distance symbol and say the mantra. Say where the reiki will be sent to. Example: ”The reiki energy energizes, “Chasing Tails” at 23 Elbow street, New York, until June 2020.”

6 Draw the power symbol one more time to seal and give extra power to the symbols and sigil. Say the mantra again.

7 Now hold your hands over the sigil, and let to reiki energy flow into it for at least 5 minutes. Then finish to reiki session, take the sigil, and hide it, or give it to someone else to hide it. Hide it near the place where your goal needs to be complete, and never look at it again, erase it from you memory forever.

This is what happened to me during this process of combining sigil magick and reiki symbols level 2
As I super charged the sigil, I felt the reiki energy getting stronger and stronger, more intense, almost vibrating.

I became centred, calm, at peace, and highly focused with a clear mind.

It felt as if blockages had been released. I felt certainty that I will attain my goal through the sigil and reiki symbols.

The long distance symbol really opened up my third eye, and I could clearly see my goal in the future becoming a reality. It was really quite amazing .

For the thing that I want to manifest, I can’t obviously tell you if this actually worked.

But I will let you know in a future video update of any success.

After the session, for several hours, the reiki 2 energy kept vibrating and washing through me in waves, and I felt amazing.

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