Reiki Food Tastes Better, But How Does It Work? 7 Steps

7 Steps To Create Reiki Food Does charging food with Reiki actually work?

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From my experience reiki food taste better. After filling the food with Chi, or life force energy, which is what reiki energy is, I would say the food taste different, better, sweeter.

You can try this yourself. Lay two bananas side-by-side in front of you. Then charge one of the bananas with reiki energy, and ignore the other banana.

Then do the taste test, and you will see that the banana charged with the reiki energy is the better tasting one.

Yes, food can be improved through reiki energy. And I think it is fun to do. It can be enhanced and charged, so to speak, with the life force energy. Everything is imbued with life force energy. This is what we as reiki masters channel.

You can call it Chi, among other names
People, and food are similar in the fact that we are all made of cells. Cells love to be filled with reiki energy. It cleanses and energizes the cells of impurities, and adds a new zest and balance. Healthy, energized cells are essential to your overall well being.

As a living being, you have life force energy flowing both through and around you
If you want to make your food taste better, if you want it to give you life, to accentuate the positive, and eliminate the negative, create reiki food.

You want to use reiki to boost your food, to turn it into reiki food.

When you’ve just eaten, you want to feel satisfied. You don’t want to struggle to digest your food.
If your food is deficient in life force energy, this might be the cause.

Problems begin with food when the Chi is not following as freely and intensely as it needs to be. This can happen for many reasons. It might be in the way the food is grown, or how it is handled through our industrial food production.

So you want to increase the level of life force energy that flows through you and your food. And creating a reiki food energy centre in the kitchen is one way of doing it.

I like doing it this way so I can set and forget it, so to speak.

By charging a crystal and leaving it in a central place in your kitchen is a great way to keep the life force energy flowing throughout everything you cook, and at the same time it will be easy with less hassle.

I live a busy life, and I can’t always think about charging my food, or spending time charging it while I’m cooking.

On the other hand, sometimes I will enhance my reiki food before I eat it with the power symbol.

So this is my simple way of creating an energy centre in the kitchen:
1. At first I select a crystal. I use my intuition, and put my hand over it to see if I feel anything.

2. Once I have the crystal, I take it in my hand, and thank it for giving me permission to use it.

3. Then I draw all three Reiki symbols over the crystal with the intention to create a place of power from which the Crystal will enhance the positive energy, and create reiki food in the kitchen.

4. First a draw the power symbol, then the mental emotional symbol: with the intention to clear all negative energy and blockages. You can also add a positive affirmation. Then I draw the distance symbol: with the intention to send reiki energy from now and into the future to the food in the kitchen.

5. Then I charge the crystal for ten minutes, and seal it with the power symbol.

6. I finish the session with gratitude.

7. Next I choose a central location in my kitchen where the charged crystal will effect my food the most. I find that the best position for this reiki crystal energy centre is close to the stove, where I do my cooking. Then I place it there.

It’s fun to play what your food. I never thought I would say this as an adult. But now that I’m a reiki master creating reiki food is amazing.

There are other ways of creating reiki food, and reiki crystal showers, which you can learn in Lina and Daniela reiki 2 course. Click Here:

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