How To Learn Reiki Through Online Reiki Classes

How To Learn Reiki, There Are 2 Ways

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When I was looking for how to learn reiki, I choose a face to face class, not online reiki classes.

There are two ways to learn Reiki. One is in the traditional sense, which is a person to person seminar, or in a group of students who physically learn reiki together. The other way is to learn it by taking online reiki classes.

Some people think that learning face-to-face is better than learning online. But this is not always true. You can learn online, and actually get a better education than in large groups, or even during personal reiki training. It depends on the material the class is based on. It also depends on the teacher, how much experience the teacher brings to the reiki class, and how the course is taught, and what you learn.

There are many things you can do and add to energy healing that relate to how to learn reiki, a lot of which beginner instructors don’t offer. An experienced instructor like Daniela will bring all of her life experience to the table, to help deepen your understanding of working with energy and light.

This information can be acquired through her great in-depth online reiki classes.

How to learn reiki: I originally learned reiki face to face, through Daniela
She has so much knowledge and wisdom in this field that, of course, it was a very enlightening experience. She also brings this to her online classes.

Yes, if you can visit, and learn from a great teacher like her, then go for it, because I guess there’s nothing like a face to face course. But how will you know if the reiki master and teacher you visit is like Daniela?

On the other hand, you don’t have to look any further because her knowledge and experience is just as advantageous to the student when taking her online reiki classes. There’s no difference between her online course, and the one she teaches person to person, in terms of the knowledge she imparts.

There is, however, one advantage when you learn reiki in person.

You get to do the laying of the hands with a real person. But this is not difficult to learn online either.

And during flu season it would be better to learn reiki online too.

Many people do both.

They learn face to face, but then take the online course too, or the other way around. In doing so, they always have a way to refresh their knowledge. A lot of people like the convenience of learning reiki online, and the cost savings as well.

Online reiki classes are a lot cheaper then learning person to person too.

There are obvious advantages to learning online that you don’t have with a face to face class
You will have access to all the materials that you will need, at any time in your life, as a resource or reference, because you can always log into your account, and go back and refresh your memory.

And what if you don’t have a lot of time, or you are not mobile, or you are somewhere remote, and can’t see a reiki master and teacher? Then online learning is perfect for you.

It’s also great for the environment. Because you are not using transportation to go somewhere, and using precious resources.

Online reiki classes also offer certificates
The reiki Master and Teacher uses Reiki Symbols to connect with the student on an energetic level

The attunements are done the same way as if the student would be in front of the teacher.

In an online course, a distance attunement works through the same principle like the distance healing method, which you can learn in Reiki Level 2.

Based on experience and feedback, there is no difference between receiving attunements in person or from the distance.

But still, it is important to know that just receiving the attunements is not enough. It is Important to learn the knowledge and principles of reiki, and to practice on yourself first, before you start to work with others.

If you are a motivated individual then you can become a competent reiki practitioner after receiving the distance attunements.

Reiki online courses teaches you everything taught in person.

Lina and Daniela suggest that you learn reiki through a direct, face to face course, but they know this is not always possible. If you can’t attend a direct reiki course for any reason, then this course may be a great alternative for you!

So now that you know how to learn reiki, check out Lina and Daniela’s online reiki courses. Online reiki classes are fun and convenient. Click here:

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