How To Reiki Self Treatment, 7 Steps For A Powerful Chakra Balance, With Reiki Beaming

I’m going to show you how, to reiki self treatment, for a simple chakra balance in 7 steps, by combining reiki beaming

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Reiki beaming is a way of channeling reiki to each of the four bodies all at once, which comprises all your aura, including you chakras, and helps a chakra balance. How to reiki self treatment a 7 step session:

How To Reiki: Chakra Balance
My simple why of balancing my Chakras works like this

1 I ground myself.

2 I activate the universal reiki energy, becoming a channel.

3 Then I Simply put one hand on the crown Chakra, and one on the root chakra.

4 I let the energy flow, from the crown chakra to the root chakra, through all the chakras in between, all at once.

5 Once the energy is flowing, I activate a reiki beam by drawing the reiki 2 symbols, or, for reiki 1, no symbols, and then I image a large beam of energy flowing through my entire aura from above. (Click here reiki beaming for more info)

6 I do this for at least 10 minutes, or for as long as I feel it is necessary to balance my chakras and cleanse my aura.

7 I finish the session by thanking the universal energy.

In my experience, incorporating hands on reiki channeling, with reiki beaming intensifies the balancing result
Afterword I feel great. I feel really energized and quiet, and balanced, and ready to take on anything, because in the process I’ve emptied my mind, and I have connected to the moment, and the world looks brand new to me.

When I do this reiki self treatment, by combining reiki beaming it tingles throughout my entire body. But as usual, I feel the most energy being drawn and channeled through the root chakra, in the lower half of my body.

During last chakra balance
I have to say that this is the area that I think needs the most attention for me physically, and spiritually, as I have my head in the clouds sometimes, and I really need a lot of grounding.

Generally speaking, on a physical level, I feel much better. On a mental level, the bad mood that I had going into this chakra balancing session has vanished, and I feel much more optimistic and happier. I also feel less stressed, after doing this reiki self treatment, by combining the reiki beaming.

How to reiki self treatments are easy to do. The higher the level you are in your reiki training, they become more effective too. There is also way more you can do with symbols. So if you are a reiki level 1 practitioner, maybe its time to start your reiki level 2?

So now that I’ve shown you how to reiki self treatment, for a simple but powerful chakra balance, in 7 steps, by combing reiki beaming, it’s time for you to try it yourself. Learn more, Click here now:

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