How To: Reiki Therapy, A Self Aura Scanning Technique

Reiki Therapy, A Self Aura Scanning Technique, Click:

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Before doing this reiki technique we assume that you have been already initiated into the reiki energy of level one, and you are familiar with Reiki self-attunement preparation and completion methods. If not, get the online courses here.

The purpose of this self treatment reiki session is to find out which part of your body needs the most attention. This is very helpful if you are not directly aware of any pain or part of your physical being that needs the Rieki energy particularly. What I like to do is scan my chakras. Each chakra is connected to a region of the body, which is connected to organs muscle, nerves etc, and you will be able to feel which physical area of your body needs the most attention. You can sense it as your hands move over that areas of the body. We scan to find blockages, weak spots, or holes, or in-balanced energy in your physical body, which is connected to the chakra. So lets begin.

1. After preparing, make sure you sit comfortably, well grounded, and then activate the reiki energy.

2. Now scan your bodies aura, paying particular attention to each chakra area, and paying attention to what your hands sense. Is the energy prickly in your hands, or does it feel soft and smooth, or do your hands burn a little? Also pay attention to how your body feels as you scan. Is there a tingling in that part of your body, that coincides to the prickle you may feel in your hands? If so this is likely a spot, or region of your body that needs more Reiki energy attention. It might feel like a hole, or lack of energy in this spot too.

3. Continue scanning your body until you find the spots, or regions that need your attention. And then continue only focussing on these areas, one at a time, giving the appropriate amount of energy that you feel is needed. I will either go from the top of my body like from the crown chakra, and down; or I start at the bottom from the root chakra, and scan up. It’s up to you.

4. When giving energy to the areas of your body that needs them, your intention is important. Make sure you think, or say: “I am sending love to my self, I am focussing on this area of my body which needs to be balanced and all blockages cleared.” Channel the reiki energy there for as long as you think is necessary. Also say or think: “allow the energy to affect all areas of my body that needs Reiki energy, and clear all blockages.” After this go to the next area of your body and repeat

5. At the end of the session, rake your chakras of all the remaining blockages. Start at the head, and rake it out to your feet. Do this at least a couple of times, or as many times as you feel is necessary, and finish the session.

Reiki Therapy, A Self Aura Scanning Technique, Click:

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