Powerful Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Tips

Learn Reiki Healing (The Simple Way)…

The Solar Plexus chakra which is also often known as the ‘yellow chakra’, the ‘third chakra’ or the ‘manipura chakra’ and in this video we’ll give you some simple but extremely powerful Solar Plexus chakra healing tips that will allow you to both open and heal your manipura chakra.

If you have a weak Solar Plexus chakra then you may notice symptoms including low self-esteem, allergies, celiac disease, ulcers, kidney problems and more. But through powerful Solar Plexus chakra healing techniques you can help to defend your body from these aliments.

One powerful way to improve your Solar Plexus chakra is to take advantage of positive affirmations. These can be things like saying “I believe in myself” and “I deserve success” each and every day.

Another good tip is to come up with many goals which are broken down into many smaller steps and to really focus on completing each step. This will help to build your self-confidence which as a results helps your third chakra.

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