7 – 2: Just for this moment, can you let go of anxiety & worry?

This video was posted on Feb 19, 2023 – The moon is New @ 11:05pm today.

After watching this video, you’ll want to perform this ritual to refocus your mind on to what matters most – the beauty of what is currently in front of you. When you perform the ritual, you’ll ritually cleanse yourself, create a sacred circle, and light an orange candle to represent your anxiety. You’ll also want to journal during the ritual.

The 2nd Reiki principle reminds us of the life-affirming benefits of living in joy. If we are consumed by our worries, we are not focusing on the moment at hand; we are closing ourselves off to experiences of happiness and therefore to the experience of life itself.

HONOUR & RECOGNITION DUE TO: “Reiki Way of the Heart” by Walter Lübeck (https://walterluebeck.com/en/)

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