Full Moon Release (Energy Healing)

Release what doesn’t serve you! Work with the energy of the full moon to bless and release. You can hold the intention in your mind or write it down – whatever resonates with you. This energy healing is designed to help you with this process. 💙

Listen to it as many times as you feel drawn.

Energy healing only helps. Trust your intuition!

You can mute it since the healing is separate from the music.

Downloading it does not impact the energy.

It’s always good to drink water after receiving energy healing to help integrate the energy!

The music is playing in the background and is separate from the healing.

You do not need headphones to listen. Just press play and receive the energy.

I do not recommend driving or operating heavy machinery while receiving energy healing because everyone is impacted differently.

This is not a substitute for medical care. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure medical condition.

I graciously accept donations!

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