Reiki Meditation I Created For Success, But How? It’s A Reiki Healing Meditation

Reiki meditation is spiritual meditation, and Reiki healing meditation

How to find inner peace through a guided meditation: ​ This is a short but powerful meditation to let go of stress!

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Reiki meditation is an effective compliment to a robust energy system. It is much like a meditation in purpose and outcomes. It can be both spiritual meditation and Reiki healing meditation. I’m going to show you a Reiki meditation that I invented, which I do once or twice a day. I’ve had some success with it as well.

Originally Usui Sensei practiced Gassho meditation, using both hands, to support his daily Reiki practice. So Reiki is like a hands on meditation, and when, for example, you give someone distance Reiki this too is like a meditation.

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