Using The Reiki Power Symbol For Pure Reiki Healing

Pure Reiki Healing Means Raw Power, Means Using The Reiki Power Symbol

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Pure reiki healing begins with the reiki power symbol. But no one knows where the original reiki power symbol comes from.

It’s not Japanese or based on Sanskrit. But its shape can be found in ancient petroglyphs all over the world, indicating a possible connection with shamanism.

The name, or what some called the mantra of the symbol, means: ”by decree of the divine.”

Using this symbol increases the strength of your reiki energy by activating it. Then your reiki will get stronger. Reiki energy is pure to begin with. But the reiki power symbol will intensify that purity.

This is a noticeable experience. And because of this, most practitioners use the power symbol before beginning a treatment, and also reactivate it several times during a treatment. Doing this will keep your reiki energy flowing strongly for pure reiki healing.

The reiki power symbol can also be used to focus energy into one spot, and in fact this symbol functions to place all of the power of the universe here, for pure reiki healing.

So if there is a specific part of the body you would like to treat, it will help you to draw the reiki power symbol over the area before placing your hands there.

The power symbol is specifically good for releasing blockages
One of the reasons people get sick is because the flow of their life force energy becomes blocked in a certain area.

If you focus on a blocked area while giving a treatment, using the power symbol at that spot will help focus reiki energy into the area. This will cause the block to break up more quickly.

The power symbol truly intensifies, and focus the reiki energy, which is what I really love about it. And I love the notion that the power symbol focuses all of the power of the universe.

In this case, it is very helpful in specific areas of your body that need extra attention and focus.

For example if you have a pain in your foot, as I do, I will do a reiki treatment that specifically uses just the reiki power symbol to intensify the treatment in that one area of my body for pure reiki healing.

This is the seven step process, using the reiki power symbol for pure reiki Healing
1. I ground myself.

2. I activate the reiki channel and ask for blessings.

3. Then I simply put one hand on the crown chakra, and one on the root chakra.

4. I let the energy flow from the crown chakra to the root chakra, through all of the chakras in between, all at once, to help balance my entire aura.

5. Once the energy is flowing right, then I focus the reiki energy on the area of my body that needs the most attention. In this case my foot, then I draw the power symbol twice.

6. Then I let the energy flow into my foot for as long as I need, or feel I have the need for more energy there.

7. When I feel like the session is coming to an end, I draw the power symbol again two times, and then I finish the session by thanking the universal energy with gratitude.

My experience
Drawing the power symbol twice seems to make the energy stronger.

When I do this, I can really feel the energy flowing through, not just my hands and blockages, but through my entire being.

You might think, why don’t you draw the symbol three times or more? I tried this, and from my personal experience, the intensity remained the same, as if I had only drawn the symbol twice.

Now everyone will have a different experience, and a personal relationship with the universal life force energy, so you’ll need to experiment for yourself.

I think the intensity depends your own spiritual development and growth.

When I use the reiki power symbol for pure reiki healing, to intensify the universal life force energy into one specific area, it’s always successful for me.

It makes it so much easier to release blockages, and to ease pain, and just to feel more energized and balanced in my life. You can learn how to use the power symbol in Lina and Daniela‘s reiki 2 course, so go and learn it now. Click Here:

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