What Is Reiki Healing, Physically And Spiritually? Are There 2 Kinds Of Reiki Healing?

Are there 2 kinds of Reiki healing? What is Reiki healing, and how does it work?
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Reiki healing how it began for the founder

On Mt. Kurama in Kyoto, USUI Mikao Sensei became enlightened. He was meditating and fasting when the enlightenment of Reiki came to him. He lived and died as a Buddhist, not as a Christian minister, as some believe. In the beginning he might not have asked: ”what is Reiki healing”, until he suddenly became injured. Usui’s first Reiki healing experience was spontaneously forced upon him.

The Legend says, as he was climbing down a mountain, the same one where he had been meditating for 21 days, and received the enlightenment of the Reiki energy, he hurt his foot.

The Legend says the injury made his toe bleed, and it hurt!

When he reached down and held his hands above his foot, the bleeding slowed and stopped, and the pain soon went away.

This was Usui’s first taste of the miracle like, spontaneous, quick healing of Reiki. Beyond that he began to figure out a method of Reiki healing, and healed a young girl’s toothache, and the abbot’s arthritis. CLICK HERE:

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