16 – 23: Tsuchi | Earth Ki

This video was posted on Apr 22, 2023 – International Earth Day.
Card 23: Ki of tsuchi is unbalanced: it’s time to reconnect your body to the earth. The vibe is nourishing.

If you have pulled this card, you’ll find it healing to vibe with the Ki of Earth. This will help you to connect with your own body in its current space and time.

Those who are disconnected from the Ki of the Earth need to learn to enjoy the vast array of human experiences available to them. It’s also important for them to remember that not everyone is like them, nor do they need to be.
When Earth Ki is unbalanced, we are wise to remember how to love ourselves. Remember that you are good enough – nobody is perfect, and in fact, no one should be perfect! It is part of our human existence to learn and grow, which means imperfection is a necessary part of our experience here on Earth.

Refer to card 6 and card 7 for Earth Ki grounding exercises.

HONOUR & RECOGNITION DUE TO: “The Everything Reiki Book” by Phylameana lila Désy; Wicca 101 with Goldie Lundbek (https://www.prme.ca/) & Kirsty Hermiston, 2007; Debrasilvermanastrology.com

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