48 – Full Imbolc Meditation

Goddess Bride Connection Meditation for Imbolc
Imbolc – Feb 1-2 in the wheel of the year – is coming up! I have facilitated this beautiful meditation for years around this time of year. It helps to spark our fires after the long winter. Planning, and thinking, and talking are done. Now it’s time for action! The Goddess Bride can help to rekindle that flame of inspiration for you.

In preparation for this meditation bring together a quiet place, your journal and journaling pen, and a white candle. During the meditation, Bride will ask you about your plans for the year – so take some time to think about your answer ahead of time. As mentioned in the video before this one in the series, it’s a good idea to do some meditation and divination ahead of this meditation. Consider these questions before you get started:
• Do you have more work to do in order to enjoy a happy and abundant summer?
• What plans do you need to put in place to see a bright future ahead?
• What talents and strengths can you draw upon that will support a fruitful outcome?

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask Bride a question.

Set aside about 40 minutes (10 minutes to introduce & prepare, 20 for the meditation itself, and 10 for reflection) to fully experience the meditation.

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