Do Reiki Yourself Spontaneously Why?

The obvious way to use reiki: that for some people might not be so obvious, is to do reiki yourself. Why?

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There are people who believe that reiki is something that needs to be done within the controlled parameters of a session. But you can do reiki yourself.

Now this is definitely one way of doing reiki, and it is very effective and advantageous to both the reiki master and client. The controlled environment gives everyone the opportunity to focus solely on the reiki energy, and delivering it to wherever it is needed, within the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies.

But reiki is also meant to be a spontaneous experience. Do reiki yourself, to help yourself and others
You don’t always need to have a formal reiki session.

What do I mean?

Well it’s simple. Let’s say you are on your way shopping, or you are playing basketball, or you were just going for a walk, and you hurt your toe.

And let’s say you are in pain. You can simply do reiki yourself, by opening the reiki channel. This is something you can do with reiki level one. Just place your hands over your toe, after you have opened the channel. Then the reiki energy will flow through the stubbed toe, and start reducing the pain, and also quicken the healing process right away.

You can apply this to just about any minor injury, in a spontaneous and quick manner
Apply it to headaches. You simply place your hands on your head, or your friends head, where it hurts, and the reiki energy will go to work. The same thing will work with other aches and pains, like bruises or scrapes, how about a cut, or a stomachache, sprained ankles or other minor injuries or conditions.

And of course if there’s something more serious you should see a doctor immediately

But reiki is definitely something that works great for an immediate crisis, if the injuries are minor in nature. And it’s also great for the healing process after surgery, and things like. By simply placing your hands over the area of concern, reiki will start flowing, and healing immediately.

It is really is that simple!
I think the point is that the faster you apply reiki to an injury, the quicker the healing process will begin.

I think this is really important.

The quicker the better in my opinion, and honestly sometimes there are miraculous results.

Let me give you an example how I do reiki for my self
I have this strange condition, although I think it’s quite normal according to my doctor, where my stomach recedes into my chest, and it’s kind of like a hernia.

The stomach retreats back to where it should be later, but it is sometimes painful and discomforting.

So once this happened to me after dinner. And I laid down, and immediately applied reiki to the area, which took care of the pain almost immediately, or at least it seemed that way.

I felt like my stomach went back to its original position, and there was a great amount of relief
I do this regularly now for that area of my body when I go to bed.

It has become a habit, and I am always channeling reiki energy in the area of my stomach, regularly, almost subconsciously. And this has really helped me to experience fewer hernias.

In this case, I am not using any reiki symbols.

I am just spontaneously using reiki level one activation, and that’s it.

As you can see, even though this is a simple process, the results can still be very useful and effective when you do reiki yourself .

The point is that reiki is always available to you at any time. So please remember that you can do reiki yourself, and to use it when you need it, even out of the safe environment of a reiki session.

You will find that it will be very beneficial in spontaneous situations, where you need pain relief and healing. CLICK NOW TO LEARN MORE about how to do reiki yourself:

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