Reiki Symbols Explained: Cho Ku Rei (The Power Symbol)

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One of the reiki symbols that is past on from reiki master to student during attunement is the Cho Ku Rei symbol which is also known as ‘the power symbol’ and is often used to cleanse and purify people and places. It can also be called upon to boost the powers of other reiki symbols.

Loosely translated ‘Cho Ku Rei’ means ‘the place of power of the universe here’ and it is represented by a coil like shaped symbol. This symbol can also be used to focus heal energy onto a particular part of the body during the process of reiki healing. By using this symbol over the top of a chakra a healer can send healing vibrations towards that particular chakra.

The power symbol is most effective when it’s used at the very start of a treatment and it’s best used alongside other symbols.

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